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Our Services


Nobody provides a cleaner cut, because no one is more thorough. No matter what your style is—classic businessman, high taper, flat-top, low and clean, psychobilly quiff or classic Mohawk—we’ll get it perfectly right, like we have for discerning gentlemen since 1999.

All haircuts are finished with a hot towel, straight-razor shave around the neckline and ears; and a scalp and neck massage. You’ll walk out the door with your choice of styling—and lookin’ sharp!


Give us an hour, and we’ll change your whole outlook on life (it’s true—hot towels and an expertly wielded straight-razor will do that to a man).

Our classic hot towel, straight-razor shave is a multi-step process that’s luxuriously invigorating. You’ll experience multiple hot towel applications, slick and soothing soaps, moisturizers and oils that will prepare your face for an impossibly close, silky-smooth shave. Just sit back, and enjoy. It’s the refined way for gentlemen to relax.
We finish all shaves with a splash of our own #9 Bay Rum, for a clean, masculine scent that drives the ladies wild.  Take a bottle home with you and smell like you just left the barber shop, every day!


Hop on up – Hawleywood’s classic shoe shine service will make you feel (and look) like a king, with results so stunning you’ll pass inspection from a five-star general! Get your shine on while you’re in the shop, or take advantage of our dropoff service—you leave ’em, we’ll shine ’em!

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